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Transmission Repair

Our professionals at World Transmissions can check your vehicle if you're having transmission problems.  If you think your transmission is losing fluid or the gears aren't shifting smoothly, let our mechanics check with our FREE computer diagnostics and pressure tests as well as condition and road tests. Stop by or call us at 718-808-0220!

We'll take care of:

- Leaks

- Seals

- Gaskets

- Solenoids

- Sensors

- Adjustments

- Switches

- And much more!

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Transmission  Check!


Stop by our Staten Island location for your FREE transmission check. If you suspect transmission issues, we'll check it for FREE and offer affordable repair solutions!

We've been in business since 2003! We offer honest and reliable service.

Schedule your FREE computer diagnostic check by calling:

Sometimes transmission troubles are as simple as needing a new gasket, solenoid or sensor. Repairs like that are usually low cost and fast. Call 718-808-0220 for more info!