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Transmission Rebuild

Does your vehicle perform sluggish or choppy? If so, you may need our transmission solutions at World Transmissions in Staten Island, NY. Our ATRA and ASE certified mechanics can perform a remove, dismantle and inspection service. We'll diagnose any issues and offer affordable solutions! Call us at 718-808-0220 today!

Our services include:

- RDI: Remove, Dismantle and inspect all internal components

- Rebuild: computerized precision part replacements and adjustments

- Restore: Refill and reseal so you're ready to go

- Transmission maintenance

- Complete system flush

- Clutch repair

- Sensors

- For a full menu of services, call 718-808-0220

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Get FREE local towing with your next rebuild! All rebuilt transmissions come with a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty! Contact our mechanics at 718-808-0220 to get started!

All work at our Staten Island repair shop is licensed by the State of New York

Is your vehicle sluggish? Our mechanics can help!

Ensure your vehicle is perfectly prepared, fitted, aligned and secured with our computerized transmission rebuild service. We’ll also refill and reseal your transmission so you can depend on reliable performance for years to come!